Strength: Mid C-Rank
       Speed: Mid C-Rank
     Stamina: Mid A-Rank
Intelligence: Mid D-Rank
    Reflexes: High D-Rank
    Charisma: High C-Rank

Combat Abilities

           HSPS: Mid D-Rank
   Chakra Level: Mid A-Rank
 Chakra Potency: Mid A-Rank
 Chakra Control: Mid D-Rank
Chakra Recharge: Full Recharge in one hour

Combat Skills

    Offensive Ninjutsu: Mid C-Rank
    Defensive Ninjutsu: Mid C-Rank
Supplementary Ninjutsu: Mid C-Rank
      Medical Ninjutsu: Mid D-Rank
              Genjutsu: Mid D-Rank
              Taijutsu: High D-Rank
             Bukijutsu: High D-Rank
             Fuinjutsu: High B-Rank

Known Techniques

Jinchuriki Derived Techniques:
Bijūdama (S-Rank): This technique
   unleashes a Large blast of power
   that levels all in its path. A
   Bijūdama can only be stopped by
   a barrier that is of equal rank
   to the Bijūdama.
Negative Empotions Sensing: This
   technique allows Naruto to sense
   the negative emotions of those
   in his immediate surroundings. 

Uzumaki Clan Techniques:
Kongō Fūsa (A-Rank): These chains
   are strong enough to bind even
   the Nine-Tails. They are
   additionally capable of erecting
   an impenetrable barrier.
Saisei Nōryoku: This ability allows
   Naruto to heal from injuries
   exceedingly swiftly. 

General Shinobi Techniques:
Henge no Jutsu (E-Rank): Allows Naruto
   to create an illusion over himself
   that duplicates the appearance, but
   not the Chakra Signature of any
   other character.
Kawarimi no Jutsu (E-Rank): Allows
   Naruto to replace his own body with
   any other object, including one of
   his own Shadow Clones.
Shunshin no Jutsu (D-Rank): Ability to
   move short to long distances at an
   almost untraceable speed. This
   Technique is not a Time-Space Ninjutsu.
Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (A-Rank):
   Allows Naruto to duplicate himself
   an unknown number of times. These
   clones will automatically disperse
   if struck with a solid blow. Clones
   created in this manner automatically
   transfer all of the knowledge that
   they had gained during their
   existence back to Naruto.

Character Details

Appearance: Naruto has blonde, spiky hair and blue eyes, while inheriting the shape of his mother's eyes and face. His trademark characteristic are the three whisker markings on each of his cheeks. Naruto is rather short for his age.

Demeanor: Naruto is characterized for being boisterous, exuberant and unorthodox, which marks him as being quite similar to Senju Hashirama. He has inherited his mothers verbal tic which results in him ending many of his sentences with the phrase "Dattebayo!"