Biographical Stats

        Calling: Youthful Exuberance
  Physical Form: Jinchūriki
Origin of Power: Endowment
Identity Status: Public

Primary Attributes

 Fighting: Excellent 20 (High D-Rank)
  Agility: Remarkable 30 (High C-Rank)
 Strength: Good 10 (Mid D-Rank)
Endurance: Fantastic 60 (High A-Rank)
   Reason: Good 10 (Mid D-Rank)
Intuition: Incredible 40 (Mid B-Rank)
   Psyche: Incredible 40 (Mid B-Rank)

Secondary Attributes

         Health: 144 / 144
      Reg. Rate: 1 Point / Turn (Constant)
Hyper-Reg. Rate: 10 Points / Turn (Temporary)
  Mental Health: 162 / 162
          Karma: 1,690

Chakra Network

 Network Charge: 200 / 200
   Refresh Rate: 10 Points / Turn (Constant)

Kyūbi Chakra Network

 Network Charge: 1000 / 1000
   Refresh Rate: 166 Points / Turn (Constant)

Tertiary Stats

 Appearance: Remarkable 30 (C-Rank)
  Resources: Poor 4 (Lower Middle Class)
 Popularity: +5 (D-Rank)

Known Powers

 Powers Derived from the Kyūbi no Kitsune
- Enhanced Olfactory: (Amazing 50 / A-Rank) ability for Naruto to smell
        things at a level that is far superior than a normal human. Naruto can smell
        things out to a range equal to 10 Areas (440 Yards).
- Negative Emotion Sensing: (Remarkable 30 / C-Rank) ability for Naruto to
        detect the negative emotions of all those surrounding him out to a radius of
        8 Areas (352 Yards)
- Night Vision: (Remarkable 30 / C-Rank) ability for Naruto to see
        things in the dark, even through high intensity darkness if he makes a
        successful Power Rank FEAT.
- Version One: If Naruto suffers sufficient emotional trauma, then he will
        enter into a Chakra Frenzy. This Chakra Frenzy will increase his Fighting and
        Endurance score by +1CS, while simultaneously reducing his Reason score by
        -2CS. The Frenzy lasts for the entire duration of combat. This Chakra Frenzy
        grants Naruto the following additional powers:
   -- Chakra Claws: (Excellent 20) Edge Damage
   -- Chakra Cloak: (Excellent 20) Protection vs. Physical & Energy
            Damage as per the rules for an Energy Sheath
   -- Hyper-Regeneration: (Amazing 50 / A-Rank) ability to add the
            Power Rank Number of this power to Naruto's natural Regeneration Rate
            when Naruto draws upon Hitomi's Chakra.

Powers Derived from Naruto's Uzumaki Legacy
- Body Resistance: (Good 10 / D-Rank) Protection vs. Physical and Energy
        Damage. This power is strong enough to defend Naruto against all forms of
- Regeneration: (Good / D-Rank) ability to heal 10 times faster than an
        ordinary human is capable of.
- Retarded Aging: (Good / D-Rank) ability to age only 1 year for every 10
        years that actually passes. This power only activates after Naruto reaches
        his physical maturity.

Powers Derived from Naruto's Training as a Shinobi
- Chakra Network: Naruto possesses a Chakra Network, allowing him a maximum
        Charge of (Shift-Y 200) Chakra Points. This Chakra regenerates at a
        (Remarkable 30) Rate. Naruto can use this Chakra to perform his
        various Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu Techniques; doing this costs him
        a number of Chakra Points equal to the Power Rank of the technique in
- Ninjutsu Techniques: Naruto can mould his chakra to perform a number of
        Ninjutsu Techniques as Power Stunts. Naruto is known for utilizing the
        following Ninjutsu Techniques:
   -- Henge no Jutsu: (Feeble 2 / B-Rank) ability for Naruto to
            instantaneously change his physical form into that of any other object,
            person or animal. Unlike the standard Shinobi's Henge, the one that
            Naruto utilizes is a true use of Shapeshifting.
   -- Kawarimi no Jutsu: (Good 10 / E-Rank) ability to instantaneously
            replace his own body with any other person or object that is within easy
            reach. To replace himself with a sentient being he must make a Power Rank
            FEAT vs. the Target’s Agility Rank as an Intensity.
   -- Shunshin no Jutsu: (Good 10 / D-Rank) ability to instantaneously
            transport himself over a distance of 16 areas (640 Meters). This power
            is not a Teleportation technique as that is a far more advanced form of
   -- Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: (Feeble 2 / A-Rank) each clone is
            treated as if it has the same Chakra Moulding capabilities as Naruto
            himself. Although the Clones only have 10 Health, they otherwise share
            Naruto’s Primary Attributes. These clones immediately dispel upon
            reaching 0 Health.
- Fuinjutsu Techniques: Naruto can mould chakra to perform a number of
        Fuinjutsu Techniques as Power Stunts. Naruto is known for utilizing the
        following Fuinjutsu Techniques:
   -- True Jinchuriki Seal: (Shift-X 150 / SSS-Rank) This seal can be
            utilized by Naruto to seal a Tailed Beast into another character. Unlike
            the normal Jinchuriki Seal, this one can be used upon the deceased in
            order to revive them, so long as they have not been dead for longer than
            a single year.
- Taijutsu Techniques: Naruto is known for making use of the following
        Taijutsu Techniques:
   -- Pentjak-Silat: Grants Naruto ability to utilize his Evasion attempts
            to put himself into a more advantageous position to attack. Any effect
            he then wishes to generate may be attempted with a +1CS bonus to the
            relevant ability score or power rank. This power can be used to develop
            additional Power Stunts at a cost of 250 Karma per additional Power
            Stunt. Naruto does not currently know any additional Power Stunts.


- None of any particular note


- None of any particular note


- Acrobatics: Naruto gains +1CS to his attempts to dodge, escape or evade his
- Escape Artist: Naruto gains +1CS when dealing with situations that require him
     to pick locks, untie ropes or enact minor contortionism.
- First Aid: Naruto can immediately halt Endurance Rank Loss, and can grant the
     immediate recovery of one rank of Endurance. Additionally, Naruto can
     stabilize a dying character at Shift-0 Health up to 5 combat rounds after
     they have reached that point.
- Martial Arts A: Naruto can stun or slam opponents regardless of their comparative
     Strength and Endurance scores.
- Martial Arts B: Naruto gains +1CS to his Fighting Score when engaged in unarmed 
- Oriental Weapons: Naruto gains +1CS to his Fighting and Agility scores when
     employing any weapons of an Oriental design.
- Resist Domination: Naruto is treated as though his Psyche score were +1CS higher
     than it actually is for purposes of Resisting Mental Interference.
- Student (B): Naruto is allowed to learn new Talents at a rate of 1000 Karma from
     PC’s and 800 Karma from NPC’s (The normal rate is 2000 Karma from PC’s and
     1000 Karma from NPC’s). This Talent also applies to new Powers (1000 Karma)
     and Stunts (800 Karma).
- Thrown Weapons: Naruto gains +1CS to his Agility for tossing weapons designed to
     be thrown.

Positive Quirks

- Fortitude: Naruto is allowed to calculate his Mental Health score as if he were
     at +1CS on his Psyche.
- Hardiness (2): Naruto has 20% more health than his FASE values would otherwise
     seem to indicate that he possesses.
- Quick Learning (R): Naruto can learn new Talents, Spells and Stunts at 75% his
      normal cost (this translates to 750 Karma for new Powers as well as for Talents
      learned from PC’s. Meanwhile it translates to 600 Karma for new Stunts and
      Talents learned from NPC’s).
- Rapid Healing: Naruto is treated as though his Endurance score were +4CS
      higher than it actually is for purposes of determining how swiftly he recovers
      from injuries. This Quirk is capped at the (Shift-Z 500) level.

Negative Quirks

- None of any particular note


2x Fūma Shuriken: (Good 15) Throwing Damage; (Excellent 20)
      Material Strength; Range of 3 Areas (120 Meters).
50x Standard Shuriken: (Good 10) Throwing Damage; (Excellent 20)
      Material Strength; Range of 3 Areas (120 Meters).
20x Kunai: (Good 10) Edge or Throwing Damage; (Excellent 20)
      Material Strength.


- Ichiraku Ayame
- Ichiraku Teuchi
- Sarutobi Hiruzen
- Umino Iruka