Biographical Stats

        Calling: Guardian
  Physical Form: Half-Blood Wizard
Origin of Power: Endowment
Identity Status: Semi-Public

Primary Attributes

 Fighting: Excellent 20
  Agility: Remarkable 30
 Strength: Typical 6
Endurance: Amazing 50
   Reason: Excellent 20
Intuition: Remarkable 30
   Psyche: Fantastic 60

Secondary Attributes

       Health: 106 / 106
    Reg. Rate: 1 Point / 12 Turns (Out of Combat)
Mental Health: 222 / 222
        Karma: 1,310

Tertiary Stats

 Appearance: Spectacular 70
 Resources: Remarkable 30
   -Muggles: +0
   -Wizards: +20

Known Powers

 Powers Derived from Harry's Fairy Soul
-Faerie Soul Physiology: Harry possesses a
    Faeries Soul, as such, his very body grants
    to him the following powers and abilities:
    -Fairy Magic: ability for Harry to cast spells
         of the Faerie school of Magic. While
         casting these spells in Britain or
         Ireland Harry gains +2CS to his FEAT
         rolls relating to those spells. Harry
         knows how to cast the following
         spells with this school of magic:
         Personal Energy Spells
               -Flight: (Amazing 50) 375 MPH
               -Shapeshifting, Limited:
                   (Excellent 20)
               -Shield, Individual:
                   (Excellent 20) Protection vs.
                   Physical & Energy as a
         Universal Energy Spells
               -Glamour: (Excellent 20)
               -Illusion: (Excellent 20)
               -Nature Control: (Excellent 20)
         Dimensional Energy Spells
               -Danu: (Remarkable 30). Harry can
                   Entreat this entity for
                   Plant & Nature Control
               -Dimensional Aperture
                   (Excellent 20)
               -Winds of Watoomb (Incredible 40)
                   ability to act as an
                   unlimited dimensional
                   aperture & teleport.
    -Multiple Souls: (Unearthly 100) ability for Harry to possess both his own
         human soul, and the soul of a type of Faerie known as an "Aura." The Aura
         (pl. Aurae) in question is named "Auriendel" and is able to communicate
         freely with Harry. Both Harry's own and Auriendiel's souls are fully
         realized and inseparable.
    -Pure Heart: (Spectacular 70) This power is derived from the purity that resides
         in the shared heart of Harry and Auriendel. Thanks to this power, Harry
         gains the benefit of the following Power Stunts:
         -Purification: (Spectacular 70) ability to to purify a target of
               Corrupting influences if the target fails a Psyche FEAT.
         -Resistance: (Spectacular 70) vs. Evil.
-Aura Physiology: Harry is effectively an Aura Soul, as such, his very body
    grants to him the following powers and abilities:
    -Allure: Harry possesses phenomenal beauty at the (Spectacular 70)
         level. This counts as an Aura of Power Rank Intensity. All other
         characters who behold Harry while this is active must make a Psyche FEAT
         vs. the Power Rank of this ability or become intimidated. Affected
         Characters will lose initiative and one attack. This roll must be made
         every round before Initiative is rolled. A secondary Psyche FEAT vs. Red
         Intensity, must be made by female characters who are in the same area as
         Harry to see if they come fully under his sway. Characters who are
         influenced by this Allure automatically become Harry’s followers; they
         will do anything that Harry asks of them. Those who have become Harry’s 
         followers, only remain his Followers for so long as Harry remains within
         eyesight of them; while this is not normally a permanent effect, it can be
         rendered permanent through prolonged or repeated exposures. The Power Rank
         Number of this ability replaces Harry’s natural Appearance score.
    -Body Adaptation, Limited: (Remarkable 30) ability for Harry to instantaneously
         adapt his body for the rigors of surviving in hostile atmospheric
         pressures. This power does not confer the ability to breathe
         underwater if Harry does not already possess such an ability,
         but it will prevent him from taking damage from pressure variances.
    -Body Resistance: (Remarkable 30) Protection vs. Physical & Energy Damage. This
         Defense is so strong that it will protect Harry from all manner of
         scarring, even those scars which would be left by Dark Magic. The
         exception, is for that Dark Magic which is particularly invasive.
    -Invulnerabilities: (Class 1000) vs. Diseases
    -Wind Generation: (Remarkable 30) ability for Harry to manipulate the very wind
         to his bidding, and to use it to develop numerous Power Stunts. Harry
         currently knows how to perform the following Power Stunts:
         -Air Bullet: (Remarkable 30) Force Damage at a Range of up to 10 Areas
              (400 Meters).

Powers Derived from Harry's Bloodline
-Serpentine Bloodline: Harry possesses the Serpentine Bloodline, as such he gains
    the following powers and abilities:
    -Serpents Fangs: (Poor 4) Edge Damage; (Typical 6) Material Strength. These
         fangs inject the following venom into anyone Harry bites with them:
         -Aphrodisiac Venom: (Fantastic 60) intensity venom that will cause
               the victim to become maddeningly aroused by Harry if they fail
               an Intuition FEAT. The effects of this venom remain persistent
               until they have achieved orgasm.
    -Parseltongue: This is a specialized form of the Communicate with Animals
         power. This power operates at the (Unearthly 100) level. Harry needs
         to make a Green FEAT to speak with Mundane Snakes, a Yellow FEAT in
         order to communicate with Mystical Snakes, and a Red FEAT in order to 
         communicate with Alien or Extra-Dimensional Snakes. If the Snake is
         actively being controlled by another character, then the Intensity of
         the FEAT is Shift-X regardless, on top of the color that the FEAT would
         otherwise have been.

Powers Derived from Harry's Wizard Training
-Potioncraft: Harry is capable of brewing potions for a variety of effects
         at the (Remarkable 30) level. Harry does not currently know any
-Spellcraft: Harry is capable of casting Wizarding spells for a variety
         of effects at the (Incredible 40) level. Harry does not currently
         know any Wizarding spells.


-Child of Prophecy: Harry is the only one who has the capacity to put Lord
         Voldemort down for good. Anyone else who tries will be incapable
         of achieving the task, and at best will render Voldemort into a
         disembodied state. This limitation ignores whether all of
         Voldemort’s horcruxes have been destroyed or not. It should also be noted
         that this limitation means that Harry also can’t be killed unless it is
         by Voldemort’s hands, and only then if there are no other circumstances
         in the way barring Harry’s death. This limitation only applies until
         such time as either Voldemort or Harry has killed the other participant
         in the Prophecy.


-Pure Iron: Pure Iron weapons do double their normal damage when used against
         Harry. If he tries touching iron, or if large amounts are in the same area
         he receives a -2CS on all FEAT rolls for the duration of contact.


 -Botany: Due to the years upon years spent caring for the Dursley’s garden as
         well as spending three years in Herbology class, Harry gains +1CS to the
         research and application of the study of plant-life.
-Brawling: Due to the numerous fights Harry got into growing up, Harry gains
         +1CS to his Fighting Score when engaged in unarmed combat. Harry is allowed
         to increase this bonus by a further +1CS (for a total of +2CS) because he
         also possesses the Wrestling Talent.
-Cooking: Harry gains +1CS to his FEAT rolls for the purpose of preparing
         food. This is due to being forced to prepare food for his relatives for
         many years.
-First Aid: Harry can immediately halt Endurance Rank Loss, and can grant
         the immediate recovery of one rank of Endurance. Additionally, Harry can
         stabilize a dying character at Shift-0 Health up to 5 combat rounds after
         they have reached that point.
-Heir to Fortune: Harry is allowed to start with Remarkable resources prior
         to any modifications.
-Occult Lore: Harry gains +2CS to his FEAT rolls made to research or deal
         with Occult events.
-Persuasion: Harry gains +1CS to his Popularity FEAT for purposes of persuading
         others into doing things that he wants them to do. The target may make an
         opposed Psyche FEAT vs. the Intensity of Harry’s Popularity FEAT in order
         to resist the persuasion attempt.
-Resist Domination: Harry’s Psyche is treated as if it were +1CS higher than
         it actually is for purposes of resisting all forms of Mental Interference,
         including those induced by artificial means such as potions.
-Stealth: Harry gains +1CS to his Intuition for purposes of being stealthy.
         While he is being stealthy attempts to locate him require an Intuition
         FEAT vs. the Intensity of Harry’s modified Intuition. Any movements
         require Harry to immediately make an additional Stealth FEAT or any
         observers may make another FEAT roll to detect him.
-Student: Harry is allowed to learn new Talents at a rate of 1000 Karma from
         PC’s and 800 Karma from NPC’s (The normal rate is 2000 Karma from PC’s and
         1000 Karma from NPC’s). This Talent also applies to new Powers (1000 Karma)
         and Stunts (800 Karma).
-Trivia (Little Whinging): Harry gains +1CS to all Reason FEAT rolls made
         when researching, dealing with, or knowing about the town of Little Whinging
-Wrestling: Harry gains +2CS to his FEAT rolls made when initiating grappling
         and hold attempts.

Positive Quirks

 -Fanclub: Harry is treated as though his Popularity were at +3CS with members
         of his Fanclub. He can increase that by a further +1CS by giving them some
         form of memento or autograph.
-Fortitude: Harry is allowed to calculate his Mental Health score as if he were
         at +1CS on his Psyche.
-Natural Talent (2): Harry gains +2CS to all aspects of operating a Wizarding
-Quick Learning (R): Harry can learn new Talents, Spells and Stunts at 75% his
         normal cost (this translates to 750 Karma for new Powers as well as for
         Talents learned from PC’s. Meanwhile it translates to 600 Karma for new
         Stunts and Talents learned from NPC’s. Finally it translates to 375 Karma
         for spells that are not part of the Standardized Hogwarts Curriculum).
-Reputation (2): Harry gains +2CS to his Popularity in both the Wizarding
         World due to the events that transpired on October 31st, 1981. This can
         backfire though, if he acts counter to what the people expect of him,
         resulting in a -2CS to his Popularity. Harry’s base Popularity is
         Excellent 20.
-Sensory Increase: Harry gains +1CS to all feats involving his optical

Negative Quirks

-Enemy (2): It is widely known that Harry has earned the ire of the
         Dark Lord Voldemort. What isn’t widely known is that the Dark Lord
         in question is still among the land of the living. This quirk is
         worth two slots due to the lengths that Voldemort has gone to prevent
         his journey into the afterlife.
-Weirdness Magnet: Harry attracts weird situations at the drop of a hat.
         This quirk is primarily here to explain the various odd things which
         happen to or around Harry which do not directly trace back to one of
         his enemies.


-None of particular note




-None at all