Biographical Stats

           Calling: Youthful Exuberance
     Physical Form: Wizarding Magus 
   Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
   Identity Status: Publicly Known
     Mystic Origin: Refutation & Nothingness
      True Sorcery: Denial of Nothingness
     Sorcery Trait: Metamorphmagic
       Noble Color: Green
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Water, Wind, Ether

Primary Attributes

 Fighting: Typical 6 (X+ Rank)
  Agility: Excellent 20 (E- Rank)
 Strength: Typical 6 (X+ Rank)
Endurance: Remarkable 30 (E Rank)
   Reason: Good 10 (X+++ Rank)
Intuition: Excellent 20 (E- Rank)
   Psyche: Amazing 50 (C Rank)

Secondary Attributes

       Health: 62 / 62
    Reg. Rate: 1 Point / 5 Turns (Constant)
Mental Health: 162 / 162
        Karma: 80

Magic Circuits

 Units of Magic: 150 / 150
  Refresh Rate: 12 Points / Turn (Constant)

Magical Core

 Units of Magic: 200 / 200
  Refresh Rate: 16 Points / Turn (Constant)

Tertiary Stats

 Appearance: Excellent 20 (E- Rank)
 Resources: Feeble 2 (N/A)
Popularity: +0

Known Powers

 Powers Derived from Harry's Sorcery Trait:
- Metamorph Physiology: Harry is a Metamorphmagus, whose very body grants to him
       the following powers and abilities:
       -- Body Resistance: (Excellent 20) Protection vs. Physical & Energy
             Damage. This protection is strong enough that it will protect Harry from
             all forms of scarring, even those left by the Dark Arts.
       -- Imitation (Human Changeling): (Unearthly 100) ability for Harry to
             all his body to perfectly match any humanoid that he has met. He can also
             create new forms based upon his whims. This power grants Harry the
             following additional powers:
                --- Growth (Atomic Gain): (Poor 4) ability to enable a doubling 
                      in size, along with an increase of +1CS to Harry’s Strength score.
                --- Shrinking (Atomic Dispersal): (Feeble 2) ability to enable a
                      50% Reduction in size.
       -- Mimicry: (Unearthly 100) ability for Harry to alter his voice so that 
             he can perfectly duplicate any other voice or sound that he has heard, or
             to even create new voices or sounds.
       -- Regeneration: (Poor) ability to heal 4 times faster than an ordinary 
             human is capable of.

Powers Derivved from Harry's True Sorcery
- Denial of Nothingness: ...

Powers Derived from Harry's Magus Training
- Magic Circuits: ...
       -- Magecraft: ...

Powers Derived from Harry's Wizard Training
- Magical Core: ...
      -- Potioncraft: ...
      -- Spellccraft: ...







Positive Quirks


Negative Quirks